The Boss
The Boss by Abigail Barnette
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Content warnings: sex, heterosexual relationships

So I first read this while Abigail Barnette (alias Jenny Trout) was releasing it chapter by chapter on her blog for free. I fell in love with it. Partly because I really agreed with the author about how frustrated she felt with 50 Shades of Grey. And I’m still immensely frustrated with that trilogy and people asking if I’ve read “this great BDSM book with such a loving relationship” (referring to 50SoG). Every single time I am asked that I point them to this book. Especially as a lot of the people who ask read on Kindles or Nooks and this book is free on both of them. I just finished re-reading it again today.

Anyway. I don’t really write reviews because I’m not great with words. But as someone fairly involved in their local BDSM scene I adore this book.

Things that worked for me:

*He actually gave a shit about her and wasn’t all omnipotent Dom who knows everything and doesn’t listen to sub (like a lot of stuff I’ve unfortunately read).
*He wasn’t an omnipotent Dom
*He actually wanted her to be informed
*He apologised for his mistakes and owned up to them
*The author actually has some knowledge of how BDSM/kink type relationships are suppose to work (tons of communication)
*Both main characters were written with flaws. They were both very human and relateable even if I’m not a billionaire or interested in makeup or anything else of the sort.
*They had healthy discussions. Not just “oh you safeworded now my ego is insulted”.
*They had an actual relationship.
*He wasn’t new and actually knew his shit and had experience not just pretended to or used it to hide abusive tendencies.
*She owned her own sexuality.
*She was naive in some things but she wasn’t the bumbling naive innocent virginal character you typically see in this genre.
*The sex scenes were varied. It wasn’t the same thing every scene looking at you E.L. James
*The discussions of consent and actually knowing what the hell consent is

Things that didn’t:

*location of the book I may have a slight thing against any book that takes place in a larger city though because I find myself not enjoying books set in LA either or it might just be my agoraphobia acting up when I read things about cities
*Their jobs and the dynamics of their relationship in regards to their jobs I had this problem when I read American Psycho too every time he’d(the narrator, Patrick Bateman) go off on one of his tirades about clothing and what everyone was wearing and his contempt for this person’s clothing or that person’s and how not expensive enough food was and stuff like that
*how real the work environment was

I’m finding myself leaning more towards romances/eroticas/fluff type novels lately but this was one of the first actual novels I read in the genre that wasn’t a compilation or random short story that I got free on Kindle (which there is nothing wrong with, don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome but it was just a nice change). I’m hoping more erotica/romance/smut/fluff type writers start writing more tangible characters for me to escape into because I’m tired of the rape-y type trope/feelings of most of the genres especially with my own experiences of being raped.

I highly recommend this book to everyone I come across that hasn’t read it and has read 50 SoG or that reads in general.

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