Review: Size 12 Is Not Fat

Posted: 13/12/2014 in book reviews, books
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Size 12 Is Not Fat
Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Due to not reading what this book was about prior to reading it, it completely wasn’t about what I thought it would be about. But it was still enjoyable as hell.

I picked it up because I’ve read many things by Meg Cabot and enjoyed them. It was a nice break from being triggered by the other book I’m reading and having to struggle through reading the other book I’m reading and sometimes you need to take a break while reading a book.

I especially enjoyed the beginning chapter which basically has a scene in a dressing room with the main character yelling at a shopping associate for vanity sizing and them not carrying another girls size (who was a size 0 or something like that).

I also enjoy the fact (that whether the author intended this or not) that the book shows how destructive having to fit into social norms can be.

(There be spoilers from here on, ye be warned)trigger warning: stalking

ok enough of my psuedo pirate speak stuff

so onto my comment about destructive social norms. The main character is saved because the person trying to kill her (her boss) is obsessed with the idea that a size 12 is fat and that the average American who is a size 12 is fat and the lady who she previously knocked out(the mc’s boss knocked out the wife of the president of the college) hits the mc’s boss over the head with a bottle of absolute and knocks her out while declaring proudly that she’s a size 12.

The mc’s boss is the resident dorm/hall advisor person in charge of all the RAs. She was a virgin and slept with the president of the college’s son and (as is a common trope and slightly less common thing to happen) fell in love with him. But because she was a size 12 and found herself to be fat she felt she had to slim down and he’d fall in love with her. Because y’know that’s basically what society tells us get skinny and you can have any guy you want fall for you. So she found out where his dad was going to be president of next and got the job so she could continue to stalk him and try to make him fall in love with her by killing the girls he slept with previously. Because her worldview was so warped she thought she HAD to be with him and they were true loves and he just didn’t realise it. She accuses the mc in the final confrontation between the two of not knowing what love is or what it’s like to work for what you want. Because the mc had been a teen pop star who got dropped from her label when she wanted to do her own stuff and then her mum and manager ran off to Argentina together along with all of her money she had made. But the mc’s boss felt that she let that happen. And that everything had been handed to her on a silver platter.

And this is one of the many reasons why we need to stop focusing so much on what size a person is because it can do some severe psychological damage to people.

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