Review: Tell-All

Posted: 28/12/2014 in book reviews, books
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Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wasn’t keen on this book.

I didn’t like the main character at all. In fact, the only character I DID like got killed.

This book feels a lot of what Hollywood will have everyone believe Hollywood is in my opinion. Lots of users and backstabbers and people willing to get close to get to know you just so they can write their own book about you no matter how accurate or inaccurate.

I mostly have a lot of negative feelings about this book. And much as I’m sure this was intentional by the author it seriously bothered me to see German phrases passed off as French. And French passed off as Russian and Spanish. And Spanish passed off for things it wasn’t(I honestly can’t remember that one and don’t care to find it either). I speak enough of French, German, and Spanish that I kept translating the phrases properly and then reading the next line and yelling about how that’s not right and that c’est la vie doesn’t translate into “I do”. It’s a serious pet peeve of mine. And it kind of showed how vacuous the actress character was shown to be in the eyes of the narrator.

Like I’ve said before. Palahniuk is a very hit and miss author with me. This was a definite miss. I mean I read it in less than a day(more like a matter of a few hours that would have been less had I not been talking to people on skype) so it’s a very short book but it didn’t draw me in at all.

Also, putting glitter on the cover of a book is the WORST idea ever. I now have glitter all over my bed and myself because of the cover of this stupid book and have a feeling I’m going to be finding glitter from it in a few weeks from now because that almost always happens when glitter gets in my room or on my person. Worst. Idea. Ever.

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(for the record this is what I’m talking about because it’s hard to find images that show it)

(yeah all that white writing outlined in white- look near the barcode if you’re confused-is fucking glitter)

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