Review: The Artemis Fowl Files

Posted: 19/01/2015 in book reviews, books
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The Artemis Fowl Files
The Artemis Fowl Files by Eoin Colfer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a very quick read as it’s 2 short stories and some game type stuff. I’d describe it as basically an activity book with two short stories and a few page or two long “interviews” as well as a few pages describing the faerie creatures.

I enjoyed both the short stories immensely. The first one has to do with how Holly moved up from traffic to recon as well as what Commander Root’s brother did and HOW he wound up in jail. It was a pretty great story to read. The second story was a heist story featuring Artemis and Mulch. It was enjoyable to read.

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