Review: Just for the Summer

Posted: 25/02/2015 in book reviews, books
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Just for the Summer
Just for the Summer by Jenna Rutland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: rape & assault

As far as sappy ass books goes (which, make no doubt this absolutely was a sappy ass book) It was on the better end of it. It’s not too long and took me about an hour (when all is said and done if you take out all my distractions with my puppy and the internet) to read.

Spoiler alert ahoy!

Things I liked:

I liked that it seemingly didn’t gloss over the fact that Dani had been raped and she mentions how she dealt with it

I like that it talks about her struggling with the fact of knowing she has a son and her desire to see him

I like that none of that is downplayed as just merely a plot point to go “oh how sad” and then move onto something else.

I like that she doesn’t have a “perfect” life.

I like that the author didn’t throw in diabetes and make incorrect statements about it and seemingly actually knew something about diabetes.

Things I didn’t like:

Her admitting to illegally finding out who had adopted her son

The book being sappy as hell

Overall, it’s a decent book with a typical ending.

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