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Posted: 14/03/2015 in book reviews, books
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Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale by Christine Warren
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

content warnings: dub con bordering on non con, abuse So, I picked this up at the library without realising it was part of a series. That’s the first thing I’m going to say about this. The next thing I’m going to say is that if I could give this a 1.5 star rating I would. It’s not bad enough for a full 1 star but it’s not decent enough for a full 2 star in my eyes. There’s A LOT that really did NOT work for me and pretty much all of it is going to be spoiler-y shit. But here’s what DID work for me: -the spelling of faerie and the actual explanation in the book that faerie is a place not a thing -the explanation of all the different faerie races -vampires and werewolves and other were-animals(ok there was only 1 other in the book but point still stands) -the fae being immortal creatures Now for what DIDN’T work for me: -dubious consent bordering on non consent (this NEVER works for me) -soul mates (I’m sorry heart mates same concept different terminology almost never works will go into why after the list) -one of the main character’s best friends -motivation for bad guy So from here on out will be spoilers. You’ve been warned. I’m going to deal with Ava first (the best friend of the main character). Page 85 is where we get the first description of her personality. “If Corinne had held out any hopes of Ava taking Luc in hand and bending him to her will the way she seemed to manage with every other living thing in the universe, she was doomed to disappointment.” I DESPISE people who can seemingly take someone in hand and bend them to their will. I’ve met people like that. One of them was an ex of mine and he was very abusive in multiple ways towards me. Partly because of him and other prior experiences with others like that I can’t be friends with people like that. Later on, she’s described as using the femme fatale routine. Now, some of her description from Corinne does sound like jealousy particularly the point where on page 87 Ava is offering drinks and she says in the last line before Corinne is showing jealous snark “Unless you’d prefer something hot? coffee? tea?” and then the next line from Corinne’s mind is “or me? Corinne snarked in her head”. Now, while I realise that that is a fairly typical line “coffee, tea, or me” (I even use it from time to time though mostly in jest) it bothers me in this context. Because Corinne is pulling that nasty girl vs girl attitude that’s beat into us by society to someone who is suppose to be one of her best friends. I give her props for not saying it out loud but only in the she’s hitting the bare standards for being a decent human being. And I don’t think we should hold people being decent human beings up on pedestals. Both in literature and real life. Heck even in other forms of media we shouldn’t. It should be the standard everyone should be hitting regardless. Later on (still on page 87), Ava is described thusly (actually shortly after the drink convo like the next sentence after): “Ava never missed an opportunity to put the moves on a man this good looking, unless he spoiled it with his attitude before she managed her patented I’m-too-good-for-you-but-I’ll-do-you-anyway come-on.” I’m also not entirely fans of people who pull the “I’m too good for you but will do you anyway” type of attitude. It annoys me to no end. Especially when the person thinks that their job or amount of money they have makes them better. The dubious consent bordering on non consent. Luc and Corinne are in a crowd and almost get hit afterwards, he picks her up and carries her to her apartment where he starts kissing her in the elevator without any indication from her she wants to be kissed mostly because his adrenaline is pumping and practically tries to have sex with her before they even hit her apartment. He basically assumes that he’s staying with her in her apartment before hand and they’ve literally just met. This is a) tropey as hell and b) so overplayed that I’m sick of it. It’s to the point that basically all the female lead has to do is look at the male lead even in glancing and it’s taken by the male lead as “please come ravish my body”. I DO NOT LIKE THAT IN MY BOOKS. EVER. The soul mates thing. Ugh. I will never be able to properly explain my disdain for it. Call it soul mates. Call it heart mates. It doesn’t ever work for me. Love/lust at first sight can be workable for me. But soul mates who get absolutely no choice in the matter never works for me. This is where Kenyon’s were-hunters get slight points in. Because they have a choice. Yes, fate deems they should be together but doesn’t rob them completely of choice (I’m not a fan of negative consequences of said choice but the choice is there). Whereas this book and many others that do the soul mates (or variations of them) don’t get choice. One kiss, touch, time sleeping together and they have no choice in the matter. They can’t be apart. Ever. Even if the characters don’t like each other. They’re screwed. Now, I do know (and have even experienced) that people can start out hating each other and then go to falling for each other. And I’ve seen it done decently. Though that’s not the case here. The case for this book is they’ve just met, he kisses her once, and instantly knows they’re heart mates because she sees through his glamour. He doesn’t tell her this happens. He doesn’t explain it until almost before the last conflict in the book. Because Queen Mab is the first to use the term around her. Her friends know what’s going on but their mates/significant others refuse to let them tell her because it isn’t their place to say (which on one hand I agree but on the other hand really don’t like that it’s basically kind of intentionally kept from her until the conversation with the fae queen). And Luc only tells Corinne what it means because she asks afterwards and tells him he can either tell her now when she’s exhausted or he can wait til she’s gotten rest and has the potential for an anger outburst. I hate that he keeps it from her even though he should have told her when he realised it. I hate that neither gets a choice. Fergus, the bad guy. He’s basically trying to fuck everyone over because he was one of Mab’s favourites and shared her bed many times and she promised him things and didn’t deliver on them. But most of all he’s angry at her because she wants love but according to him is incapable of feeling/returning the emotion. It seriously sounded a lot like “I fell in love with a woman and she never gave me a chance -insert whining and crying- and all women are bitches and never go for the nice guys ™” bullshit that I mostly hear online from men justifying their violent and misogynistic behaviour towards women. And he sets up the queen’s nephew who causes trouble regardless (and never faces any repercussions for his behaviour because he’s the queen’s nephew) to cover his own tracks. So because of his anger he’s going to fuck everyone over, kill her, and take over her throne. *rolls eyes* And he hits Corinne more than once and tells her he’s going to kill her. Just to hurt Luc and because everyone but him is expendable to him. I just…..I can’t with this book. I doubt I’ll like the first book any more but I’m going to give it a try at least before moving onto things I might enjoy more.

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