Review: The Girl in the Steel Corset

Posted: 18/03/2015 in book reviews, books
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The Girl in the Steel Corset
The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Most of what I have to say about this can be summed up here: Love triangles. Ugh. Shoot me now.

However I’ll hit on more than just that. But love triangles are a serious pet peeve of mine. I DON’T like them. EVER. Actually retract that. I do like them when the three involved manage to work out a healthy poly relationship and it’s a literal love triangle not a these two are fighting for the love of this person. But finding books like that are incredibly rare.

I read the short story first and actually thought really highly of it. Romance wasn’t playing any part in it and it focused on building mystery and character. I LIKED that. This book….ugh..

I have to say though I liked Emily the most. I couldn’t care much for Finley or Griffin. Really couldn’t. But Emily was the more interesting character.

Everyone else was SOOOO BORING. I did kind of like Jack Dandy though. I’d kind of like a little more about him.

All that said, I’ll most likely read The Girl in the Clockwork Collar in hopes that it’s actually interesting.

I’m not even going to go there with the this isn’t really steampunk argument because it’s not but others have done so more eloquently than I ever can. The cover really intrigued me the most. But something OTHER THAN the love triangle just didn’t draw me into it. It could entirely be that I’m 30 and it’s a YA book. But then again I read A LOT of YA books that manage to draw me in so I’m not entirely sure that’s it.

Inconsistent characters. Figured out their mystery almost a full hundred or so pages before it was revealed and they put it all together. I’d like more show than tell. I won’t let any of my friends get by with telling rather than showing (because I do a lot of beta reading for fan fics and original fics). I feel like at least 100 pages (if not more) probably could have been cut from this and it would have been a better book. Maybe I’m wrong though. But it was just kind of “meh” to me.

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