Deliver Me
Deliver Me by Farrah Rochon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I REALLY liked this book.

I DID NOT like the ending. It was too abrupt.

like what happened with the funds they were raising? How much did they raise?

Did he finally get rid of Alicia? Did they ever clear up that misunderstanding?

It left questions for me that I know if I were the author I know EXACTLY how I’d answer one of them
my second question about Alicia, they would have and he would have filed a restraining order against her

I like the descriptions of the area. Even though I’ve never been to New Orleans it felt as though I could picture the areas that were talked about. Descriptions don’t have to be in depth to the point of describing every last blade of grass and pebble on the road but describing the types of houses in the area in compared with the one the person lives in (ie: the neighbourhood has seen better days but in wake of Katrina the community is slowly rebuilding itself –disclaimer not an actual quote just pulled out of my arse– would say to me that it is at least a decent looking neighbourhood that the hurricane wrecked destruction on and that the destruction was being worked on slowly to be cleared up and fixed which would also signify to me that it’s either a middle class type neighbourhood with people doing what they can when they have the time/money for it or that it’s lower middle class also in the same predicament of doing what they can when they can)

All in all, for this being the first book I’ve read from the author, I have to say I’m kind of hooked and when I have the money I’m going to go buy some of their other works.

I liked that we had the two separate but also intertwining stories in the book. The one of the two doctors and then the one of one of the doctor’s patients and their partner. I feel that for the second one the story did a good job of representing a facet of how BPD can manifest itself in some people. And the fact that pregnancy and hormones can screw with medications and their effectiveness. I like that their story wound up working out for the better because it could have turned out completely different.

And it also shows kind of some of the internalised stigma that those of us with mental health issues deal with with ourselves.

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