Review: Big Bad Wolf

Posted: 04/04/2015 in book reviews, books
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Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf by Christine Warren

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Content warning: rape, dubious weighing on non consent

I told myself I wasn’t going to try another one of the books in this series. Yet here we are. And I’m going to do at least one more (since the library conveniently had it ad conveniently has none of the others). But ugh! This series makes me so angry.

I don’t like the whole “I’m alpha (insert paranormal creature/human here) so you’re going to do as I say” mentality. It is steeped enough in our culture as it is that to have it thrown in my face in books is insulting. But at least the sex scenes in this book are using of adult language and not overly colourful.

Too many decidedly white characters, not enough diversity (though some of the werewolves *COULD* have been non white as they’re only described according to the colour of their pelts once they’ve changed but main characters are all white. I HAVE ENOUGH REPRESENTATION IN MEDIA AS IT IS, STOP WRITING PEOPLE WITH MY SKIN COLOUR). And too much non consensual acts happening.

“ooh you’re fertile and I can smell it but I’m not going to say anything because my cousin’s a douchebag and trying to usurp my throne so I’m going to purposefully impregnate you even though you haven’t consented to dating me or anything outside of fucking me and not going to tell you until I tell everyone else before you”. -Actual thought process of the main male lead (without actually quoting the book).

I need a conversation on how dangerous that thought process is in books but I don’t have the energy to have it right now. But it NEEDS to happen if it hasn’t already. After the next book in this series I read (which I don’t think is the next chronologically, I think it’s book 4 and this is like book 2) I’m completely done with this series. I have no desire to ever read another one of this series and I have no desire to ever read this author again. Unless it can be proven that she writes a better book without all this problematic bullshit.

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