Big Girls Do It: Volumes 1-4
Big Girls Do It: Volumes 1-4 by Jasinda Wilder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first read the first book in this series last year when I got the book for free on Kindle.

Then I recently got alerted to this box set being free. And I enjoyed it a lot.

It’s kind of actually believable (in that this is something that could potentially happen especially in this day and age). AND I LIKE THAT.

It’s believable that she could have two guys after her both good in their own ways. But personally I like the non rockstar guy (but then I also have my own bias against rockstars and their personalities).

I like the idea of her having her own self esteem issues that she works out. Because it is possible to work them out by having someone prove to you by how they fuck you and treat you during sex. If you’re being made to feel desired and beautiful you eventually start believing it.

I don’t like his band when the girls are trying to seduce him. They know what’s happening and actively try to prevent her from finding out/walking in on it. Whether or not he actually did or would have is immaterial to the point. The fact that they’re actively encouraging it rather than try to get the girls distracted on someone else…..And he dropped it to the girls that he’d be at this show and the hint they could try there…..bothers me a lot. But that’s my own personal experience rearing it’s head there.

When I have some money I’m going to buy the rest of the series because I want to read the rest and be satisfied with an actual conclusion.

Buy it here:

Amazon|Barnes & Noble|Author’s website (since outside of amazon they seem to all be sold individually)

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