Review: Black Magic Woman

Posted: 06/04/2015 in book reviews, books
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Black Magic Woman
Black Magic Woman by Christine Warren

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Well, out of all of them that I read, THIS one was the best. And that’s not saying much. This was also the last that I’ll read in this series.

Content warnings: dubious consent, possession, misrepresenting parts of religion, attempted sexual assault while possessed.

So, I know that the main character has a thing for the guy in this book. I read that. Very clearly. But him kissing her without asking if it was ok was not ok.

On the whole, I liked that I went an entire 100 pages before anything not consensual happened. The rest of the series I’ve read I don’t even get that far.

For various reasons I’ve researched voodoo/vodun because I have a serious lack of understanding of it. I know more now than I did a few years ago. It’s a very interesting religion. But parts of this book, from everything I’ve read about it, get it wrong to a degree (yes yes I know artistic license but personally for something as misunderstood as voodoo/vodun I REALLY DON’T like artistic liberties being taken with it because it causes FURTHER misunderstandings all in the name of entertainment which is harmful to the real people who practice the religion). I do like that the author seemingly did at least some measure of research to use proper terminology for the people who practice the religion and didn’t just throw a bunch of made up shit into it or misunderstandings of it into it.

I’m always against books that deal with possession of a body that isn’t yours unless you have the express consent of the person whose body you intend to possess to do so. And consent for things is a huge thing for me. Especially when it’s something like taking over someone’s body/spirit.

This book was moderately better than the rest of the series. The mythology/lore that goes into this series is great. Unfortunately it’s not great enough for me to enjoy the boy/girl meets girl/boy and they fall in love and everything’s hearts and flowers except for this one plot for this to happen first before they can be together stories. It’s boring and overdone.

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