Review: The Fix

Posted: 10/04/2015 in book reviews, books
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The Fix
The Fix by K’wan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: drug use/abuse/addiction, rape, suicide, violence, murder

So, even though I am most definitely NOT the target audience for K’wan’s books, I always enjoy reading them. For a few reasons. The first and most important is that he is an EXCELLENT writer. I first got hooked when I initially read Animal. Because it happened to be on a display at the library and caught my eye enough to read the blurb and looked interesting enough to try to read. I’ve been hooked ever since. And buy his books every time I see one and have the money for it (unfortunately this has led to me only having Animal and Animal II: The Omen). He’s one of those that is descriptive enough that even though I have never and will never experience the things he writes about, I can still put myself enough in the character’s shoes and minds that while I’m reading it becomes an alternate reality for myself. And whether I’m reading about drug dealing in Harlem or some alternate fantasy world with aliens (decidedly NOT K’wan) I LOVE being able to jump into that alternate reality world. The second reason being that because of the first I get to second handedly get to experience things that I would never get to.

Spoilers ahoy!

For instance, I’ll never do drugs that aren’t prescribed to me by my doctor and I’ll only do them in the doses prescribed to me. But in this book I got a glimpse into some of the things that people can experience from smoking crack or doing cocaine or smoking marijuana. Thanks to descriptive text without it being overly flowery text I get some measure of an idea of what the mindset is.

Now, as for Chucky. I get it. An eye for an eye. One brother directly killed by a dude and the other indirectly killed by his friend while the other dead brother was there. So go after the dude’s daughter and utterly destroy her. I get it. Doesn’t make it alright though. His character I utterly despise. Even if he hadn’t been trying to destroy Persia from a vendetta he harboured against her dad. I’d still utterly detest him as a person. I’m not a fan of anyone regardless of gender who just looks at people as things to use to their own means. Especially when they manipulate someone who they know has fallen in some way for them. It is utterly detestable. And I’ve thought that since well before I was in positions like that.

I was saddened that Persia’s friend killed herself after what happened when they went out partying. It hit me harder than it should have. Probably because I’ve been looking back upon my friend’s suicides and deaths recently. And I know how badly it hurts when someone you care about suddenly dies either intentionally or unintentionally (like drunk driver hitting them and them dying).

The prologue I thought she had been thrown out of a car initially with how everything was described.

I’m really curious as to what the powder was that was in the shots at the club. And what the pill she took before the club was. More of an academic curiosity so I can look them up but curious nonetheless.

I have some hunches as to what happens in the next book. And I have a feeling I’m right about it. I REALLY hope I’m right about it. But I need to get some more books done and read before I check that one out from the library.

This was a fantastic book that I would definitely recommend people to read as long as it isn’t something that would cause them problems (with any of the content warnings at the top of this review)

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