Review: Road Dawgz

Posted: 12/04/2015 in book reviews, books
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Road Dawgz
Road Dawgz by K’wan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: violence, murder, rape, abuse, excessive use of the n-word, racism

So I adore K’wan’s writing. I absolutely do. But one of the biggest things that annoys me (and this is purely a personal annoyance) is his excessive use of the n word. Personally, I DON’T like that word. Don’t like hearing it. Don’t like reading it. And as such I ONLY refer to it as the n word (also I’m excessively white and it’s not a word I should be using anyway). I mean I get it and it’s ok for him and his characters to use it. But I still cringe EVERY. TIME. I. HEAR/SEE. IT. Because I know the history of the word. And it’s one of those words that just physically makes me cringe. DESPITE that, this was a fantastic book. And I want a sequel because I have unanswered questions….well one unanswered question.

There be spoilers from here on.

Another thing that bothers me about his writing is his treatment of women in his books. That most of them are just a piece of ass to be used, abused, and then discarded. And that most of them aren’t smart. That bothers me a lot. SERIOUSLY bothers me. It won’t stop me from reading his books (because if it did there’s a lot of books I wouldn’t read because of it).

Also, as a parent, drug lord or not, how the fuck can you stand by and watch (after ordering) her get raped and murdered? I mean I get the ordering her death because of betrayal. But rape? That was a little over the top excessive.

I fully believe that the main character, Keshawn was fully right and acting in self defense when he killed his father. I mean what kind of parent actively tries to kill a child that was born because the mother wanted the child but the child was born of her being raped? I’ll tell you what kind. A bad kind. I mean I get it. Sometimes from a parental point of view (so I’m told. As I’m not a parent I don’t see this but I’ve heard from other parents) if you know that your spouse has a child from rape you do wind up not liking them much because of that. I can get that. It’s understandable. But what’s inexcusable is telling that child every chance you get when the mother isn’t around about what happened to her to have birthed them. That’s fucked up. And I imagine will do a number on a child to hear. And then purposefully leaving out (it said coolant but coolant isn’t blue to my knowledge. Last I checked it was green or red. So I’m thinking it was probably windshield washer fluid or something like that) a toxic chemical for said kid to drink. I fully believe that his dad would have kept trying to kill him after that since that attempt didn’t work.

Also how does that death get ruled as an accident if you have a cup of it sitting in your car? That just doesn’t make sense.

I really disliked Pearl. I mean yeah you had a fight with your brother. That doesn’t mean you take your kid and live on the streets and basically become a junkie. That’s irresponsible parenting. I’m glad that the kid was reunited with Keshawn and Nikki. And glad that his pitbull wasn’t hurt too badly. I was so angry about that scene.

My one unanswered question is how did he get out of the building when it exploded? My only theory (because it’s not stated that the building had a panic room or anything) is that he used Demon shooting at the cops and then diving out the window as a distraction to get out of the building somehow and then detonated it as soon as he was clear enough from it.

But despite problems and unanswered question this was a good book.

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