Review: Tenth Grade Bleeds

Posted: 13/04/2015 in book reviews, books
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Tenth Grade Bleeds
Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Content warning: torture

Well…that was certainly a thing.

It was definitely a little better than the past two. But not by much.

And one of the biggest things running through my head about Vlad is hypocrite. In huge flashing neon letters. And that he needs to wear one of these:

Also, I’m of two minds about him and Meredith breaking up. On the one hand it’s to protect her and that’s noble/valiant of him… a very knightly kind of sense. On the other hand it’s a very shitty thing to do to her. I mean he could make up some story about anger management issues and how he doesn’t want to hurt her with them and that’s why he’s breaking up with her. But to lie to her and say he never loved her is such a gorram cop out that it makes me sick.

How many more family members of Vlad are going to randomly show up? We’ve got his uncle and his grandfather as of this book now. And his grandfather is a fundamentalist asshole. And as I previously noted in my last review, I DESPISE fundamentalists. Of any kind. Because they are almost always extremists. It’s very rare to find one that isn’t in my experience. I have a few in my extended family. They’re not fun to be around.

Anyway, more action in this book which was yay. Less of Vlad acting like a love sick puppy, more yay. Conflict between main character and best friend, more yay. Plotholes, booooooooo. Seriously, Vlad even brought it up. If D’ablo can get into his house and threaten him there, why doesn’t he steal the journal himself. Or send one of his flunkies to do the job? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

I mean hell, he could break in while Vlad’s asleep and his adopted mum is working at the hospital and kidnap him even. Maybe even drug him (since it’s not stated on if drugs of any kind will work on vampires it’s not a stretch) to make it easier. And I would have seen that as a child if I had read these books back then (even though they didn’t exist until 4 years after I graduated high school).

Two more books and then I’m done with this series unless I can find the journal thing at the library too then 3. And the 3 slayer chronicles books.

Overall, decent book and has gotten out of the “meh” category. Which is a small improvement.

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