Review: Bloodhound

Posted: 29/04/2015 in book reviews, books
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Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: gendered slurs, violations of consent, death

I am going to try not to talk about any of the content warnings. Except for one of the deaths cause it hit me hard. Before that though, I’m going to talk about things I really enjoyed.

First, a gay couple. Second, a gay couple being accepted as such. I mean yeah they do kind of need to be slightly discreet because there are people who DON’T care for it but on the whole it’s not shown as bad that they’re gay. Third, one half of the gay couple is actually trans. His actual comment is that while he was in the womb the trickster god came and cursed him to a male’s body even though he’s female (that’s almost word for word what he says straight to the pronouns and he only uses female pronouns when he’s dressed as a female and performing).

What I really liked about the trans character is that he’s not shamed at all for being who he is. Regardless of the gender he’s presenting himself as. And he’s accepted himself as such and has determined not to let himself get down about that. I don’t personally feel like he’s a caricature but I’m also not trans so I’m not the greatest person to trust judgement on it. But from what I experience kind of second hand from my trans friends he doesn’t seem like one.

Beka canoodles this book. She’s bashful and shy about it. Naturally. Because that is part of her character. As a dog she’s bold and brash and gets done what needs to be done. But her, herself is a very shy type of person who doesn’t want to make waves and doesn’t enjoy speaking in front of others. She’s not slut shaming herself about it though. She mentions that someone makes a comment that it looks like she’s gotten some and all she does is fire back a comment about how they make comments on personal matters as she looks to the floor and blushes. Also, she’s shown as going to buy a birth control pendant so she doesn’t get pregnant. Not only is it written as natural to do canoodling but also shown that it’s easy to get birth control if you don’t want pregnancy and not seen as bad or shameful. Things that definitely need to be in more books imo.

Ok the death part. I almost started crying when slapper died. That damn pigeon had personality and spunk and I like that. I COULD see ways that it could have been written to where the damn bird didn’t die but it’d be a lot different and I’m not sure it’d be as good.

I definitely have to agree with Beka’s new nickame of Bloodhound. Because she is very much like a bloodhound. Get her on a scent/trail and she’s off and not getting off it til she’s seen it through. We see her go through a bit of heartbreak but we see her also move on and accept it.

Overall, I’m really liking this trilogy so far. I’m liking the set up for the Song of the Lioness quartet. And I like that Tamora Pierce can rope me into her books so well. And create a female main character that I don’t hate for most of the book/series.

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