Review: Saint Odd

Posted: 11/05/2015 in book reviews, books
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Saint Odd
Saint Odd by Dean Koontz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: death, gore descriptions, gun violence, knife violence


That said for me this book was an emotional roller coaster. And I don’t deal well with those. Especially not when I’m attached to the characters. I feel like someone has ripped a part of me out with the conclusion of this book.

I also need to back up and say that the first book, Odd Thomas, was the first ever inkling I got of what a healthy relationship SHOULD look like. I mean they don’t have a perfectly healthy relationship but healthier than 90% of the romance novels I’ve read. And for none of these books being romance (unless you’re weird like me and equate horror with romance because hey they’re basically the same genre when you come down to it–I’ll explain if someone wants me to but otherwise will leave as such), that’s actually really great.

Like finding a fictional romance whether in a romance story or not and seeing it depicted as healthy is a HUGE thing to me. Because so many times we get these stories with a romance in them and it’s SO UNHEALTHY. So it was really nice to see. Particularly from a male author.

Anyway though I’m deviating off the topic of this book (I’m going to have to go back and actually write reviews for this series since I own all but 2 of the books in it).

I did really enjoy this which doesn’t surprise me since Koontz has a habit of writing stories that really engage me and that I tend to like. Even with all my complaining about feelings. I don’t have much else to say other than the spoiler below.

I have an issue with the book and it’s a huge spoiler-y issue. So spoilers ahoy! (also a content warning before the spoilers in the spoilers)

Content warning: discussion of viruses
So, the huge plot point in this book is that this demonic cult wants to infect the entire town with a virus. Ok there’s a lot of viruses that can be spread a variety of ways. He chose the rabies virus. And spreading it airborne. Rabies CAN NOT be spread airborne. It can only be spread through saliva. Seriously. Had Odd not gotten the virus in time the mass destruction he was imagining and dreaming would NOT have happened. Perhaps a few people would have gotten it, but ONLY if their mouths were open and they were right next to where it was dispensed from. Or actively having sex. Or having an open wound. But they’d literally have to be right next to where it would have been dispensed from. It wouldn’t have been the whole town. So that kind of angered and irritated me that it was presumed that it would have spread to the whole town. And that’s presuming that the canister the virus was in was sealed properly and that they didn’t have a dead virus.

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