Review: Storm Front

Posted: 25/05/2015 in book reviews, books
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Storm Front
Storm Front by Jim Butcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warning: mentions of abusive home growing up, mentions of abusive husband, domestic abuse, domestic violence, victim blaming self

This was a fun book to read. For the first 75% up until the above warnings came up. And because I didn’t see them coming and didn’t know they existed (despite the numerous people telling me to read this series) I did get mildly triggered. But because I was so into the book at that point I pushed it to a different part of my mind temporarily and finished the book (which is a terrible thing for me to do because now it’s really bothering me).

Harry is a well fleshed out character and I REALLY WISH that there was this series only with a female or non binary person instead of male lead (to be fair I’m getting really sick of reading about males doing things that females “can’t” do but that’s an issue that isn’t just with authors but the publishing business in general).

I love SFF don’t get me wrong. Just tired of white male does stuff and females are kind of background and/or love interest and/or evil. Gets tiring after a while.

I completely thought this book was going to go one way by like chapter 4 and was CERTAIN that I had it figured out but oh my was I dead wrong. And I’m kind of glad I was. Made it a little more interesting and something different than expected.

It was a highly enjoyable book regardless of it’s problems with diversity and such but I still enjoyed it.

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