The Publicist
The Publicist by Christina George

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was interesting. Especially as it’s written by someone who is/was a publisher.

I don’t know that I agree about it being the next 50sog (though it’s A LOT less abusive than that p.o.s. trilogy) but it’s interesting.

The main female character is fairly well written. Not entirely fleshed out to my liking but well enough that she’s multi dimensional to a degree at least and not a stereotypical one dimensional cardboard copy of most females in literature.

The main male irritates me because he’s married and cheats on his wife. And I have a seriously strong dislike for any character of any gender/race that makes the choice to cheat. I understand why he didn’t initially just leave her but I don’t think that cheating was the answer.

And then there’s another male interest and holy shit it’s kind of a love triangle and I FUCKING HATE love triangles. And wish the publishing industry would stop publishing books with love triangles and authors would stop writing books with love triangles.

That’s really all I can say without saying too much or spoiling it (neither of which I want to do). Good book, very glad that I got it for free off of Amazon (actually glad I got the entire series free off of Amazon but specific to this review glad I got this one).

Also, a pet peeve of mine (that I forgot initially to add) that this book did in abundance was this:

book annoyance

Taking up an entire page for part of a sentence and the chapter title/number and clip art of a book. It’s one of those things that annoys me majorly. But it did cut into my enjoyment of the book every time I had to basically double click to the next page to start the new chapter. Others may not find it as annoying as me and that’s fine but this was a serious annoyance for me.

Buy it here:

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