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Posted: 04/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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ttyl by Lauren Myracle

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Content warnings: alcohol abuse, girl vs girl hate, slut shaming,

I have determined that this series has to be set no earlier than 2001 (since in the third book they talk about myspace and it didn’t exist before 2003). I can remember a LOT of what goes on in these books. Dial-up internet. Sharing the phone line between internet and phone. Geocities quizzes. Geocities. Instant messenger systems (can’t decide if this was MSN, Yahoo, or AIM).

I don’t like the girl on girl hate aspect of this entire series. I KNOW it happens outside of media and some of it is influenced by media. And having been a victim of it (and slight perpetrator) it’s never left a good taste in my mouth seeing it depicted in the media (whether books, music, video games, or movies). It always bothers me because it takes me back to all the times I was bullied for no damn reason other than I wasn’t part of the “in” crowd. Including in Elementary school.

Truth be told, I NEVER remember my high school years to be anything like the media depicts. Even when media depicts it in Southern California. It’s like I was in some kind of twilight zone high school experience. Even talking with my friends who went to different schools it feels like that. I do have a hard time believing that a party held by 16 year olds would have as much alcohol as they seem to claim in this book.

Also, the girls friendship confuses me somewhat. Like they’re not very compatible as people.

It’s a decent book, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this much as a teenager and didn’t enjoy it much as an adult. I DID like that it was presented in a more unconventional way though. Rather than linear conversation-action-background type book it was strictly told through IM conversations. The text speak drove me up the wall though.

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