Review: God of Thieves

Posted: 06/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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God of Thieves
God of Thieves by Aimee Carter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Before I start this review I need to clarify something. I see “mythology” as religion. Because it is in fact, religion. Typically it’s a religion that isn’t widely practised any more and potentially not practised at all. The term mythology also tends to be used for just about any religious practice that is not a branch of Christianity. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME USING THE PHRASE RELIGION/RELIGIOUS PRACTICE IN PLACE OF MYTHOLOGY DO NOT READ ANY OF MY REVIEWS FOR THIS SERIES.

This is the story of James. Or Hermes as those who know anything about ancient Greek religious stories knows him as.

This is also the story of how he gets the name James and what it means to them.

In this story some of the Gods and Goddesses are dying off and no one can figure out why. Until Hermes decides to go against Zeus’ explicit demands not to go to Earth to figure it out and does it anyway.

He meets a girl who basically explains to him that choosing your own name is choosing your own destiny and explaining who you are. She chooses the name James for him and he decides to keep it.

We eventually learn that Tuck and her band of boys come from the people that she robbed and that she re-invented herself as Tuck to escape from her jerk of an uncle. The uncle eventually kills her before James can save her. Hades is still pissed that James and Persephone were a thing so he refuses to let James see Tuck in the underworld.

James explains to Zeus and the rest of the Gods and Goddesses how to keep themselves from extinction and they re-invent themselves to keep from fading into oblivion.

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