Shelf Life
Shelf Life by Christina George

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: cheating, attempted sexual assault, mentions of paedophilia/child prostitution ring

I think I enjoyed this book A LOT MORE than the prior. I mean I still don’t like the whole “my marriage isn’t working and instead of getting a divorce I’m going to sleep around on my partner” thing.

I like that she did some semblance of self care for herself.

Initially I liked Nick. Until after the break up and them meeting in his late uncle’s apartment. I didn’t like the whole “I hoped I could eventually fix you” thing. I mean neither of them was in the right with their relationship. And they both had every right to feel the feelings of hurt that they did. But at the very least she finally started being honest with herself and instead of stringing him along farther she cut him loose.

Still not big on Mac. Though I do like that he finally did the honourable thing and divorced his wife. I like that she found her own happiness instead of continuing to be broken. And that she started healing herself. I mean I get that the loss she went through hit her hard and don’t blame her on the feeling broken thing. I just think her and Mac went about everything a little wrong (with the seeing other people thing and feeling they had to hide from each other). Though it was nice to see them sit down and have an honest conversation with each other.

I really liked that Kate went and started her own publishing house so she could put out the books that she wanted.

I loved that when she saw Mac and Elizabeth in the tea shop that afterwards Mac and Kate talked about what happened. And he validated her right to feel how she did. It seems that they went and took an unhealthy relationship and turned it on it’s head to create a healthier relationship.

I still don’t agree with this book being compared to 50sog. But this was highly enjoyable.

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