Review: The Goddess Queen

Posted: 06/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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The Goddess Queen
The Goddess Queen by Aimee Carter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: infidelity

Before I start this review I need to clarify something. I see “mythology” as religion. Because it is in fact, religion. Typically it’s a religion that isn’t widely practised any more and potentially not practised at all. The term mythology also tends to be used for just about any religious practice that is not a branch of Christianity. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME USING THE PHRASE RELIGION/RELIGIOUS PRACTICE IN PLACE OF MYTHOLOGY DO NOT READ ANY OF MY REVIEWS FOR THIS SERIES.

So this is basically the story of Zeus and Hera and how Zeus wound up with all his children and how he was an asshole to his wife. And how she became his wife. And manipulated her into marrying him against her better instincts.

For those who don’t know ancient Greek religion, Zeus is basically the king of the Gods and Hera is the queen. Hera is often painted as excessively jealous and Zeus is painted as this huge playboy and that it’s ok that he’s a playboy and Hera’s just a bitch. That is literally every religious story about the two of them ever.

And because Zeus is painted often as never doing wrong even though he basically has thousands of illegitimate children and Hera is just an overly jealous bitch makes these two my two least favourite Gods in ancient Greek religious stories.

I actually felt really bad and sorry for Hera in this story. Because she’s a more sympathetic character than the original religious stories paint her. And reading this helps to make more sense in why she did and acted the way she did in the trilogy. Doesn’t justify it. But you at least see her point of view in which she felt that was the only way to fix things.

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