Review: Hood Rat

Posted: 14/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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Hood Rat
Hood Rat by K’wan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: excessive violence, murder, death, rape, sexual assault, drug use, drug abuse, alcohol use, child abuse

All I can say after finishing this book is basically everyone got what was coming to them.

Well most of them at least.

It’s fucked up to get a partner fucked up on drugs just so you can do a ‘train’ on them without their consent. And then everyone blaming it on them after the fact. I can’t tell you how disgusting that makes me feel.

While excessive, I’m glad that everyone who raped Yoshi died. Far as I’m concerned it’s exactly what they deserved (though a few were very excessive).

I’m glad Yoshi and Billy got themselves partners that actually respected them for who they are not what they did for work. Yoshi especially because there’s so much stigma against strippers. So much in fact that she internalised it and felt that way about herself.

Rhonda was just….ugh. I wouldn’t say she’d get the worst parent ever award but she was a bad parent. The answer to your children acting up is not to abuse them. I’m not a parent but I’ve helped raise enough of other people’s children that I can definitively say that. That’s not to say I’m fully against hitting your kid if the situation calls for it (and I use hitting loosely since barely touching your kid nowadays is considered hitting). For example swatting their hand away from open flame/hot stove. Swatting the back of their hand if they’re reaching for something you told them they can’t have or that might be dangerous (hard enough to sting but not enough to seriously hurt). Sometimes a swat on the butt is helpful in a kid fully learning a lesson. When sitting them down and explaining doesn’t work at least. And her mom was no better in calling her daughter a whore when she told her that her boyfriend had sexually assaulted her and continuing to deny it ever happened even when the douche got put away for doing it to another young girl. That’s bullshit.

Anyway. It was a good book. Very emotional for me and kind of triggering (cause of the rape issue) but good.

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