Review: White Hot Kiss

Posted: 16/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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White Hot Kiss
White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: death, violence(both to a minor and more severe level)

This was an interesting piece of YA fluff. Nothing I actually had to think about and had I needed to let my mind wander it could have.

I LOVED the fact that the snake was named Bambi and the dragon Thumper. I laughed over those. Also over Bambi being a shit near the end of the book.

I was very not impressed with the whole ‘surprise you’re related to this douche who keeps trying to kill you and your father thinks you’re an abomination and should be dead’ plot line. Nor was I impressed with the (literal) release hell on earth just so that you can cause enough chaos to go spend a precious few moments with the person that you love plot line. I did like that both seemed to merge together fairly well.

Also surprise and shocker no one is telling the whole truth to the person that it will impact the most because ‘we need to protect you’. Truth be told I’m really kind of tired of that crap and it makes me want to stab myself in the eye. Because it always winds up doing more harm than good. Oh and the ‘you need to keep your virginity safe and intact so you can remain pure’ bullshit. That also makes me want to commit other acts of violence against myself. And I’m always disappointed to see it in books written by female authors.

All in all it was a decent book. If you like young adult fluff books with hints that there could be sexual stuff going on it’s pretty good. OH! And speaking of that the one thing I really have to praise is the consent thing. You’re literally with a demon from hell and tell him to stop and he respects your stop and stops. I WANT to see stuff like that more often. Where two people are taking each other’s consent into consideration and stopping when someone removes their consent. It NEEDS to be in YA books. It NEEDS to be in ANY book with any sort of romance in it (if the author wants us to see the relationship as a healthy one). So huge kudos for the author making the demon from hell a decent type of kind of person even though it goes against his actual nature.

Also the monolith puzzle thing? I figured it out the second I read it. And I have a hard time believing that one or both of them was too dense to figure it out on their own. Especially if she is as “smart” as she’s suppose to be. By high school if you live in DC you should know the Washington Monument. And be smart enough to use a dictionary to figure out what a monolith is if you don’t know. Or the internet for that matter.

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