Review: Sixth Grave on the Edge

Posted: 19/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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Sixth Grave on the Edge
Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: Child abuse, borderline non consent consent, alcohol use, attempted suicide mention

So I enjoy the Charley Davidson books for what they are. Fluff about the Grim Reaper. Interesting topic that isn’t explored a whole lot. Spoiler warnings for the book throughout so you’re warned.

And I’ve got quite the fictional crushes on Reyes and Garrett. Though neither man is what I’d want in real life. They both do quite a few questionable things that are borderline hard limits on what I’ll let slide from a partner. But the non questionable things they do are nice to fantasise about sometimes.

I hate that Reyes keeps so much from Charley. I really do. It’s a dick move that shouldn’t be done. And I love that Cookie and Bob are finally dating….only took 6 books…..ok 5 and a half…..but still. It annoys me. Especially when they’re acting like high school kids.

I knew Jessica was the one they took when they told Charley they took one of her friends. Sucks that she had to die but really she wasn’t that great of a person so I’m not too terribly sad about it.

I really dislike the whole “bonus chapter inside only in the print edition” thing that this book and the next book have. It’s like you’re punishing people who either can’t read print books or have issues with them (be it the weight, the size of the print, the fact that not a lot of books are in braille, etc). And it feels like it further solidifies the animosity between e-readers and non e-readers. And I really hate that it exists in the first place. Yeah I prefer print books because of the feel of the book and the smell and tactile sensations of reading but I still do my fair share of e-book reading and just….it’s a stupidly petty thing to argue about kind of like the console wars that we have. What does it matter as long as people are doing and enjoying the thing?

Anyway back to the book. The bonus chapter really didn’t add anything to the story. It was just the sex scene where she figures out how to send her essence through the wall to have sex with him and ends with him being woken up by her terror. So for me, it could have been completely taken out and nothing of value would have been lost.

Also, Charley pregnant? That sounds like a disaster in the making but fairly predictable since I can’t recall a time when they actually use any contraception methods

And the thing about Angel? Blew my mind. And in other not really news for people who have read the books, the chief of police is an immoral bastard that’s all.

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