Review: Seventh Grave and No Body

Posted: 27/06/2015 in book reviews, books
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Seventh Grave and No Body
Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am very much no a happy camper with the ending of the book or the bonus chapter.

Content warning: Spoilers. Lots of spoilers. Also non consensual sex bordering on rape.

Seriously. Spoilers will be had.

I need to get this part off my chest now. Reyes pushing Charley to fight him was a bad move. Him practically forcing her to was a worse one. Her doing the extreme pleasure feeling AFTER he made it clear he wanted her to stop was a violation of consent. DID. NOT. LIKE.

I’m excited that they’re having a baby. And that they got married.

And what the fuck was that bullshit chapter from Reyes’ POV at the end about the end? Using her own friends to spy on her? I have a lot of anger about that.

And her dad died. This pisses me off. Especially because they found his body in a storage locker. How did he wind up there? How did he die? Why did he leave without telling her? WHY THE FUCK DOES THE VATICAN HAVE A FILE ON HER?

Who is this dude that Charley thinks is her friend but isn’t? Who is he working for? Why have I not heard of his name prior?

These are things I NEED to know. That will hopefully be in one of the next few books.

Also I chuckled at her being a terrible god. Of not putting her priorities in order and volunteering to be the grim reaper.

Also, fatalistic babies all around! And it was nice actually getting to know the dealer’s name instead of just always calling him the dealer.

Anyway I’m angry about most of the book. Except the smidgen that they appear to have gotten right about voodoo/vodou religions.

2015-06-26 23.48.51

I mean I’m nowhere near to an expert but everything I’ve read and heard from practitioners of both basically confirms that Voodoo and Vodou are not the same thing (also Vodou should be capitalised for the same reason that Christian is capitalised since it’s a religion and all that) but both were born out of slavery and poor conditions and originated from Africa. With weaving in the Christian elements. Not sure HOW alike they are because information for me on both topics is hard to come by but I have seen SOME similarities. Not only in that base of how they came to be but other similarities. But basically go look it up yourselves cause I’m not even a quarter qualified to speak about either religion.

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