Review: Gone Whalin’

Posted: 03/07/2015 in book reviews, books
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Gone Whalin'
Gone Whalin’ by Conor Lastowka

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: Whale deaths, drug use, drug abuse, alcohol use, alcohol abuse, threats of genital mutilation by bear trap, loss of a finger, death by harpoon, death by chemicals, questionable ethics, exploitation

Firstly, I need to disclose that I received this book for free from a Rifftrax promotion (well probably don’t need to but going to anyway). This review wasn’t even a part of the offer. It was just I saw a Rifftrax Live show and afterwards got a code for their website and this book was part of the goodies (amongst free icons and behind the scenes type stuff…basically I wasn’t asked for the review in exchange for the book or anything).

Anyway, this book was a complete ride. From beginning to end. Like it started out kind of slow but slowly building momentum in how Cormac wound up in the position he was in. And at first Dean Frampton Q. Bickerstaff really confused me with his presence in the story. But as it gained steam and the plot really started going it made more sense.

And it’s a pretty great concept. That every other time you go to sleep you wind up in a different time period (but continuously the same time period every time). Oh and that epilogue! I hope there is a follow up book to this because that would be awesome. I WOULD like to know exactly WHAT set off his sudden going into the different time period and how it was determined what time period he went to.

I also like the concept of pirating that we think of as being wrong and something completely different. Complete with inept captains and everything.

And how the author managed to merge two different time periods fairly seamlessly (the 1800s and 2000s). It didn’t feel completely off that he was writing the two time periods. It was highly enjoyable (despite the time it took me to actually read it because I was only sporadically reading when I was tired and trying to fall asleep) and I’ll probably wind up reading it again in the not so distant future.

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