Fit by Rebekah Weatherspoon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hey a fluff type book with no content warnings! That’s a new one! Oh wait…there is one. Content warning: sex

Honestly I couldn’t put this book down (metaphorically since I read it on my kindle app on my computer and wasn’t holding the computer.

I want to cry with relief over the fact that this book actually depicts a healthy relationship. Not only that but a healthy kink relationship. Additionally a healthy kink relationship where one person kind of knows a little but not much and the other knows a lot more but they don’t have the severe power imbalance like certain other books and book series that I’m not going to name.

So yeah, the guy knows more about BDSM than the girl. Which is fine. Sometimes it happens that way. But he doesn’t hold his knowledge over her head. He goes slowly with her. The relationship does kind of start out on some shaky ethics (being paid to be her personal trainer and starting a relationship with her at the same time) but winds up working out to where there isn’t that question of ethics.

And I have to agree with his reasons for him not wanting her to tell people that she was screwing her trainer. But the thing that she forgot when talking to her friend (who I have mixed feelings about but yay on the women helping each other thing with the promotions) was that he said she could say she was with him just not mention that he’s also her trainer (or I might have read into that). And yeah, under normal circumstances I’d severely second guess and not trust anyone who wanted to keep a relationship secret. I can understand keeping parts of it secret due to professional reasons (because people can and do get fired for being involved in kink/BDSM which is stupid but happens). It’s perfectly reasonable to me for someone to say “hey you can tell people we’re together but don’t mention that I’m your Dom/Master/etc or involved in BDSM/kink with you”. Because a) if you did you’d be outing them and that’s a shitty thing to do and b) they could lose their job for it and c) if they asked you not to and you did anyway that would be a breach of trust.

OH! And condoms were used! The fact that they were explicitly mentioned at being used made this sexier is the best word I have. Hot and erotic don’t even cut it for how it made it to me.

The big glaring problem (besides the ethics things) and it’s really a personal type preference is the whole huge cock thing. I get it. People, especially women and gay men, like to fantasise about men with huge penis’. But having had it in personal experience, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and I prefer reading more average size (nothing over 7 inches and that’s even pushing it since average is 4-6 inches or so). Anyway though, like I said, personal problem/issue. And I don’t expect authors to cater to my preferences.

Also, non white main female character. And not only is she not white she’s also not skinny. And she’s not trying to get in shape for some stupid ideal body image thing. She’s doing it for herself mostly. I especially like that she mentions that she’s Chinese and has always been chubby even though she works out. Because people like that actually exist. And we need more representation of different body types across all ethnicities/races.

And I like that he likes her for her. Not because she’s fat. Not because she’s Chinese. Not because she wants to lose weight and get back into shape. But because of her mind combined with her looks. Basically he’s into her for less superficial reasons and that makes me happy. Especially since this book is set in LA.

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a depiction of a healthy relationship in a romance(fluff) book.

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