TAMED by Rebekah Weatherspoon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Content warnings: BDSM in the form of flogging and spanking, sex

So on one hand, I really wish the author had continued writing about Grant and Violet’s journey. On the other hand, I’m really glad the author didn’t.

And not only do we get one non white main character in this book, we get two! And a plethora of other non white characters for their families. Which was awesome.

Her dad and brothers kind of piss me off in the whole “oh we found out x about this person in your life and we’re going to threaten them out of your life without talking to you about it first” thing. I understand different cultures have different feelings about that kind of stuff. But it still makes me uncomfortable from seeing how some of my friends are treated who are from cultures that do that.

Again, newbie to BDSM/kink and taking it slowly. I LOVE that it showed him showing her things to read up on. Him bringing up websites and having her email them to herself so she could read through them later. I both like and dislike when he brought her to the club though. I understand the leaving her alone thing but he really shouldn’t have done that. It was kind of a crappy thing to do. He should have at least occasionally checked in with her and told her before hand that he was going to leave her to do her own exploring and getting to know others.

Oh and we also have a character who lost his hand who is involved in the kink scene who is shown as enjoying it as much as those of us with all of our limbs in working order. But that’s another thing we need more visibility over both in and out of the community.

I don’t care too much about how she treated him when he first told her that he loved her but I also know and understand that everyone processes things differently.

All in all it was an incredibly sexy book (even with the slightly questionable ethics thing again).

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