First Time
First Time by Abigail Barnette

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: mentions of abuse, mentions of murder & death, mentions of BDSM, high sexual content, abusive parenting, religion based slut shaming, mentions of menstruation

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I need to start this out by saying I ADORE this author. Both in her writing and her as a person. She’s one of the few white authors that I don’t feel bad about adoring because she acknowledges her privilege and fuck ups and works to better herself and lift up the voices of the not so privileged people (which I think is fantastic) without talking over them.

Now, onto the actual review.

This is a spin off from The Boss series (of which I’ve read the whole series but not properly reviewed it yet). As The Boss series is one of my favourite series (closely followed by the Fit trilogy) I’m very attached to a good portion of the characters. Including Ian. Whose story this particular version this is.

I’m going to skip spelling and punctuation mistakes in my review since this was an ARC that is still being edited before it gets released to the general public and instead talk about things that I liked.

I liked the use of condoms. I liked that they weren’t shied away from. It’s one of the huge things that bothers me in the romance and erotic romance genres (and any other genres that have either erotic or romance in their names). And the on going consent between partners.

I LOVED the fact that despite him liking sex and wanting sex with her, he was a decent guy who actually respected her and didn’t try to make her feel like shit for wanting to wait.

Another thing I loved so much that I actually tweeted about it on my personal twitter account. When Ian goes down on Penny to give her oral sex and describes how her vulva/vagina smells. He doesn’t describe her smelling like fruit. Or flowers. Or anything else that it’s NOT suppose to smell like. He describes her smelling like a person with a vagina should smell. Usually, in erotica/erotic romance/et al, the first oral sex scene is what initially will turn me off (presuming nothing else prior to that has turned me off). But this? This turned me on immensely. And not because I like reading about sex (because I do but that usually isn’t a turn on in and of itself). But because it was described in a way that I can identify with. That I’ve experienced (as a pansexual individual I’ve had sex with individuals of different genders). That I can go out and experience. That, as a vagina owner, I can identify with. And not feel ashamed/insecure that mine never smells like roses or pineapples or whatnot.

I like that Ian didn’t really pressure her into anything. Though the ending kind of felt a little hastily slapped together and rushed I’m willing to overlook it for the rest of the good in this.

I LOVED reading about his reaction to her enthusiasm. Because enthusiasm is awesome. And can be sexy as hell.

I LOVED that Ian’s fight with his sister felt real. That Ian and Penny’s fight felt real. And I mean felt like fights that real people would actually have. Not just contrived Hollywood type fights for added drama/impact.

I HATED Penny’s parents. I’m very glad, grateful, and lucky mine were never like that. But I’ve had a great many friends whose parents were/are like them. And the second hand resentment I feel towards them probably isn’t anything compared to their anger and resentment towards them. And I don’t blame them one bit. If your child doesn’t live up to how you “think” they should be. And they aren’t “perfect”. That doesn’t make them less. It doesn’t make them a disappointment. It makes them their own person. And that should be celebrated rather than shamed.

I’m going to really enjoy reading Penny’s side of the story. (Update: I did and you can read my review here)

Buy it here: (Pre-order will be released August 4, 2015)

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