SATED by Rebekah Weatherspoon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: Lots of sex, slight bdsm

I think this was my favourite book out of the trilogy. Because of the main character. Because I’ve been in her shoes (well not on the BDSM side because the second I found out about that was the second I went “oh yes I definitely want some of that”) minus the actually having money and talent to cosplay and go to cons.

I LOVED how slow he took things with her. And that neither character is white. And that he actually had a physical disability. Because finding erotica with people who are missing limbs or confined to wheelchairs or have any other kind of disability is REALLY HARD. And half the time it just winds up fetishizing them. And this didn’t appear to be fetishizing in the least. Which was great. I mean he was portrayed as an actual person and not babied because he lost a hand.

I also loved that she didn’t treat him as a lesser human being because of losing his hand. She treated him like the whole person he is. That might actually be my favourite part next to her completely geeking out.

The sex was completely hot. The safe word of pizza made me giggle. And the fact that not only were safe words mentioned (and gestures when mouths were gagged) they were actually used in an appropriate fashion. Ok used once. But it was nice to see because so much just kind of talks about them and never really shows them used.

I still have no regrets about actually spending the money on all three books even if it was an impulse because of a comment another blogger/author made in a post about Grey (which I most definitely will not link to as she gets enough trolls and haters as is and I’m not going to add to them).

Oh and all the consent that went on in this book! People asking each other if they can touch each other and then not touching them until they said yes! This is how my real world interactions go (on the rare occasions they happen) and reading about it is still one of the hottest things ever. Because knowing you have someone’s consent and hearing them give it to you so you can touch them is sexy as hell. Even when it’s not in a kink/BDSM type context. But that may be a personal thing with me.

I am definitely putting the rest of this author’s books on my to-read list and buying them when I have some money again. Because holy crap they’re amazing!

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