Climax by Christina George

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: infidelity, manipulation, girl on girl hate

I am so glad that Kate finally got her head out of her ass. I mean yeah I wasn’t a big fan of Nick’s reaction to their breakup but Mac was just…ugh.

I think I’ve said it before either in the prior two books or another review but I hold a strong contempt for cheating in relationships. I also hold a strong contempt for people who decide to intentionally deceive their partner to get their desired result. I’d give an example but that would spoil part of the book and I’m really trying hard not to do that.

Oh and the girl on girl hate. Ridiculous. And it’s two specific instances. One is kind of understandable in the you hurt x family member so I’m going to not like you because of it. The other is oh you’re x’s ex? You bitch I hate you. And that second one just UGH! The first one at least gets resolved. But the second….I felt like every time it was brought up I was reading a terrible Hollywood teen movie script. And I’m really tired of this shit.

I feel sorry for Caroline. Really do. Because no one deserves any kind of cancer. And that’s rough on a family.

Also Kate and the brooms made me laugh.

Most of my feelings about the book have to do with the girl on girl hate and my hatred of cheating and manipulation. Been there. Done that. Over it. All of it. It’s all exhausting to deal with and to be on either end of it (though I don’t know what it’s like to cheat on someone or manipulate them to do what I want them to do but the girl on girl hate I do know both ends of).

This was a good conclusion to the prior two books. I enjoyed it.

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