Review: Gratis: New Beginnings

Posted: 16/08/2015 in book reviews, books
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Gratis: New Beginnings
Gratis: New Beginnings by Erzabet Bishop

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: sex, culture fetishisation, race fetishisation, kink, hints of molestation, hints of paedophilia (latter two in the last story only)

Notes from a Blue Bike by Erzabet Bishop – Lesbians. I love stories about lesbians. Especially when it doesn’t read like porn. Which this story does well.

Rebirth by M.J. Carey – I’m not sure I really liked this. Heteronormative type relationship. Your basic “I’m a Dom and I can tell you’re a sub and you’re going to automatically do what I want because you’re a sub” story. Which I’m not a big fan of. Especially as this mirrors the Story of O a little bit. And while interesting was kind of terrible.

The Love That’s Sleeping by KM Dylan –Oh my fucking gosh. This fucking story. This was an excerpt from a book that’s the newest (or last) installation of the series. I NEVER want to read this fucking series because of this. Fetishisation of black men? check. Overbearing and overcontrolling husband to be? check. Asshole friends? check. A former partner who can’t take no for an answer the first fucking time? definite check. Heteronormative relationship? of fucking course. I just can’t with this story. I almost rage quit on this story. Had it gone on any longer I would have. And the thing about black men I wrote? Here’s the textual evidence:
2015-08-06 09.07.24
I can’t properly express how dirty and disgusting that made me feel reading it.

Countdown by Jason Jaxx– This was kind of cute. An escort meets a guy while running in the park that she finds attractive. Heteronormative relationship. Almost ruined because he finds out that she sometimes has sex with other men for money. Even though she genuinely likes him and he can’t get it through his head when she tells him.

Unbuttoning by Kay Jaybee – Lesbians again! This was the cutest story of couples exploring that I’ve ever read. I want a 20 book series just on these two.

Past Perfect by Livilla Sanders – Another lesbian story. About an older lesbian woman who sees a past lover in a cafe and reminisces about her time with her.

Holding On by Hedonist Six – I’ve read a lot of reviews saying this was boring. This was my favourite of the stories. No sex. Heteronormative relationship. But I liked more the connection between the characters. And how cute their first time meeting in person is.

Robbie’s Starlets by Molly Synthia – This was another heteronormative relationship story. It was cute as heck. And made me slightly teary. And then bash my hormones down. Because I don’t need that kind of relationship in my life.

Arab Spring by Chloe Thurlow – Heteronormative culture fetishising crap. Husband loses wager, wife is the wager gets used like a sex toy.

Khloya by Elizabeth Woodham – Heteronormative with hints of paedophilia/molestation. I had nightmares after reading this story. Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty and like I need 10 showers just to wash this layer of dirt off me.

Buy it here: (I say buy but it’s free across all platforms)

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