Review: At Her Feet

Posted: 23/08/2015 in book reviews, books
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At Her Feet
At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Content warnings: sex, Mommy/little girl kink, unethical behaviour, kink/BDSM activity, lesbian relationship

First of all, I have to say, I ADORE Rebekah Weatherspoon’s writing. Second I have to say that Adult/little relationships are definitely on a “I have no desire to ever experience or be in that kind of dynamic” level with me. Third, despite the previous statement and my bad experiences with other stories on this kind of topic this book was different and so well written that I completely forgot my lack of desire for the dynamic/kink (since it’s kind of both).

I have done a little bit of cursory research into Adult/little relationships. But not enough to know a whole lot about them. This review will be updated on my review blog once I have a few people who are in/into these dynamics give me their opinions. Because despite my lack of interest in them, I have a lot of friends who are into them on both sides and of all genders. And I respect their dynamics as long as I’m not roped into them.

From what I know both of the specific dynamic and dynamics of kink/BDSM relationships from personal experience and extensive research, the relationship seemed very healthy. And the other little explaining she was going through sub frenzy and apologising and all that was pretty awesome.

It feels to me, that either the author is into the scene to some degree, knows people who are into the scene (which I absolutely know for a fact is true because she’s had drinks with one of my friends), and/or has done extensive research to be able to write so well without flaws (and I’m not going to speculate outside of saying that because it’s a) not my place to and b)her private life and not my business).

The unethical behaviour displayed by the main little girl’s boss seriously bothered me. However, I DO like how that was taken care of and resolved. And I think her mommy handled it very well (including the distancing herself to figure things out).

The falling hard and fast for someone isn’t a normal thing by far, but I’ve heard of it happening after a conversation more than a few times so that’s believable enough for me.

I DEFINITELY enjoyed the lack of heterosexual main romance in this book. I also kind of enjoyed her friend and his partner’s relationship. On how different the two gay men are. Because gay men are definitely not the stereotypes that people tend to paint them as. And all the different characters that were actively talked about more than in passing (like I’m at this party and there’s this person and that person etc) were multi dimensional fully fleshed out characters. Which I LOVED. Books in which only two characters are fleshed out and multi dimensional bother me.

I highly recommend this book and everything else by this author (including things I haven’t yet read but own).

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