Review: Japanese Tales

Posted: 31/08/2015 in book reviews, books
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Japanese Tales
Japanese Tales by Royall Tyler
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ok so for those who know me well, you all know that I LOVE folklore, cultural tales, and tales of religions. By all means that should mean that I would moderately like this book. I didn’t. This is the first book in a while I’ve actually rage quit and did not finish. I got 26 pages in. But from doing further research I can’t continue with this book.

I definitely DO want to read more of Japanese culture and their folklore and tales and such. But from talking to Japanese people and from seeing American/English idioms that wouldn’t have been used in Japan I couldn’t bring myself to finish this. Which sucks as it’s the only book my library has so I will continue to scour the internet for decent books translated into English.

I knew going in that the tales wouldn’t be like German fairytales (like most fairytales in Western culture are from) so I didn’t expect that (and from what I read I didn’t get that) but the collection isn’t put together well. The intro was boring as shit and I had to force myself to keep reading it to finish it. It’s a very dry read (which I know, a lot of history and culture books tend to be dry but they’re mostly palatable at least which this wasn’t). The tales range from very short to 2 pages long (and by very short I mean a paragraph or two) and they kind of run into each other the way they’re presented. And that started making my eyes feel like they were glazing over. And from what I hear from Japanese people (friends and people I only know online) most of the stories aren’t even in full. They’re summarized versions. Which kind of angers me. Not to mention American/English idioms in some of the stories.

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