Review: Sweet Little Lies

Posted: 31/08/2015 in book reviews, books
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Sweet Little Lies
Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: alcohol use/abuse, drug use, drug mention, infidelity mention, reckless behaviour (drunk driving), girl on girl hate, attempts to ruin someone for petty reason, abusive relationship, abusive behaviour

So I’ll confess, I didn’t know this was part of a series until I started reading it. But, despite not reading the first book this was still pretty enjoyable. It went over enough that you know what happened more or less from the first book without having read it.

Girl on girl hate and girls trying to bring each other down so they can be #1 are two of my least favourite topics ever. Stories set in LA are a close call to being a least favourite topic but that’s also because I have a hate bias against LA, particularly against LA traffic (driven it too many times to count which was more than enough times for my liking).

I abhor relationships that are abusive in any way. Verbally, emotionally, mentally, or physically. And whoa buddy. One of the relationships in this book definitely counts as such. If your partner is afraid of you and afraid of which you that is going to be there that day you definitely have an abusive relationship (unless partner is afraid of which you in cases of things like alzheimers in which one day you might fully be there and the next you have no clue who is who and such or a similar type of non abusive type relationship but the relationship in the book doesn’t qualify under that exception).

Manipulative backstabbers are another thing I abhor. I had enough of them growing up in school and it is definitely not a thing I enjoy reading about. However the rest of the book and plot points evened it out enough that I could tolerate it in this book. However the combination of that and the abusive relationship brought my rating down from 4 to 3 stars.

All in all decent fluff type book.

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