Dead Ex
Dead Ex by Harley Jane Kozak
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: death, attempted murder, drug use, gambling, alcohol use, alcohol abuse, kidnapping

Ok I really liked the Greek kid (whose name is escaping me at the moment). I like kids who are portrayed as smart and encouraged to follow their dreams and given the resources to do so.

Simon’s pissing me off with his secrets. I mean I know he’s FBI and there’s a lot he can’t say. But he could say “I’m going to have to appear to be dating (x number) of girls to get information about something I can’t tell you about. This may mean I have to try and seduce them to get the information and be out in public with them.” That way she knows what to expect and he’s not compromising whatever he’s working on. I mean he at least told her how long the assignment will be going on for. But telling her she needs to disappear for a few months but not giving much of a reason other than because work is kind of lame.

Wollie winds up on another dating show. And Simon gets mad at her for it because the way the show frames it, it looks like there is more to it than what it is. But it’s all hypocritical bullshit when he’s doing the same thing to her.

And I don’t like the lady she painted the frogs for. She feels like she’s trying to purposefully sabotage Wollie just because she doesn’t care for Joey.

A lot of interesting things happened in this book and it was definitely cool and enjoyable to read.

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