Review: Sugar and Spice

Posted: 24/09/2015 in book reviews, books
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Sugar and Spice
Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: slut shaming, alcohol use, girl on girl hate, alcohol abuse

UGH! Where do I start with this clusterfuck?

So we have Madison figuring out who is stalking/blackmailing her.

We have Madison’s sister show up who Madison also slut shames.

We have Madison hating her sister and Jane.

We have douchebag producer dude deliberately creating conflict between Madison and Jane even though it’s known that they don’t like each other.

Instead of ranting about the girl on girl hate I’m going to share a summary of a blog I read yesterday that deals with this topic.

The gist of it was that this person’s daughter is just starting 4th grade and her best friend has now become the mean girl who puts daughter down. Parent finally had to step in because of how bad it got. Daughter is one of those very social type of people who sees the good in people and doesn’t want to see the bad. Parent had to tell daughter that the only contact she’d be having with this “friend” would be during school hours because of girl’s attitude and how down she was making daughter. Also told daughter that friends don’t make you feel like shit but instead make you feel good about yourself. Daughter understandably devastated but came around with understanding and is making plans to be better friends with a girl who makes her feel better about herself and isn’t constantly putting her down about things.

Basically, I’m kind of tired of the whole Mean Girls trope-y b.s. I’d love it if books did away with the whole idea of girls have to be double crossing backstabbers to each other and can’t support each other and make them feel good about themselves. I lived through that. It made my life hell. I have minor PTSD about it.

But this book has it in abundance. While I’m glad about Jane and Scarlett’s decisions because they made awesome decisions benefiting themselves, the rest of this book was terrible trash. And I’m glad I’m done with that.

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