Review: Even You

Posted: 26/09/2015 in book reviews, books
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Even You
Even You by Marilyn Oser
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: paedophilia, molestation, cancer mention, violence mention, lesbian relationship, death mention, terrorism mention, drug mention

I received a free copy of this for a fair and honest review from NetGalley.

Pardon me while I gag. This book made me nauseated. I will NEVER understand adults who take advantage of children. I don’t see the appeal nor do I have the desire to have sexual encounters with minors.

A good thing I will say about the author, she at least did some pretty good research. Especially since she mentions the Oklahoma City Bombing in ’95. And her bits about the morphine and not sure if it’s still potent after being expired for 2 months. She also got the incident in the early 1910s where a group of white people went after a bunch of black people for something they thought happened but didn’t actually happen. That’s some real good research there.

Honestly, some of this reads like John Green’s Looking For Alaska. But in the sense of someone died, left journals behind, and now partner is trying to figure out who they really were of things that were never told to partner. So in a way it is but in a way, a definite GOOD way, it isn’t. But that’s the best frame of reference that I can really do. Every other chapter is one of the journals that Jessie kept about her childhood and things that happened. The chapters that aren’t about Jessie’s childhood are about Claire trying to figure out who Jessie, her partner, was and who her uncle Jimmy who molested her as a child was in an effort to exact justice.

Ugh and then what kind of person tells a child who has lost her mum that because you are now her new mum she can’t talk about the mum she lost because it hurts/offends you? And then takes away their only picture of the mum they lost? That just sounds horrible.

And because Jessie’s childhood takes place during WW2 there’s a lot of anti-semitism in the book especially in regards to Jessie and whether or not she’s half Jewish because her father is Jewish. Whether it’s religiously or culturally or both it’s never stated.

I also kind of like Jessie’s imaginary friend. I like the idea of her imaginary friend being not white and not of lighter skin.

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