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Posted: 27/09/2015 in book reviews, books
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All Inclusive
All Inclusive by Farzana Doctor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Content warnings: mentions of death, mentions of terrorism, bisexual relationships, consensual non monogamy, lesbian relationship, gay relationship

I received a free copy for a fair and honest review from NetGalley.

Holy crap! I am absolutely in love with this book. Especially the amount of research that went into this book. We’ve got actual cities in Mexico and Canada as well as actual acts of terrorism mentioned in this book. One of the happiest things about this book for me is that there are NO love triangles. Instead there are swingers and polyamorous people. And the lead female is more or less bisexual (she’s asked about it and kinda goes with it but isn’t a huge fan of labels for herself). Oh and we have a trans character (though that character is kind of more or less an afterthought but doesn’t feel like a caricature or anything).

It took me a few chapters to realise what was going on with Azeez and Ameera and their connections to each other but once it hit me my jaw dropped and I went “no way” and then when it was finally stated in the book I continued my “no way”. I also figured out the source of who was sabotaging Ameera before she did as well. But that has to do more with my own experiences of people backstabbing me.

I loved the fact that Azeez and Ameera were definitely not white. I mean yeah, Ameera is half white but she doesn’t fully look it from the description of her in the book. I also like that the author included the fact that dissent between the locals and tourist places exist. And it wasn’t glossed over or treated as “this is just the way it has to be”. It was treated more as “this is a thing that happens and despite what the tourist place says it was anything but amicable”. And while yeah, I’d like to be a tourist one day and visit places I’d also like to get to know the local culture before I go and while I’m there and put money into their economy rather than tourist places.

The swinger and polyamorous couples felt real and authentic to me. As I know quite a few of both groups in my personal life I can definitely say that the author definitely put in a lot of research and made them more like the real people I actually know in those lifestyles and that made me really happy. It’s not something I often see in books. Outside of books that are explicitly about the lifestyles.

This is the first book I’ve read of the author’s and I definitely want to read more by them especially if the other books by them are as fantastic as this one. I honestly couldn’t find the words to recommend it enough to others.

Buy it here:

Amazon(US)|Amazon(Canada)|Dundurn Press

  1. jack2805 says:

    Why do you consider Bi/gay/lesbian relationships as content warnings?


    • Blow Pop says:

      I actually don’t. But I have friends who do who read my reviews. And as it’s not my place to ask I don’t know why they do.


      • jack2805 says:

        Does having a relationship matter if it’s a guy or girl? Why should the fact that two consenting adults having the same gender make a difference? Is it triggering due to the content of the book? I ask because get a single idea of what the book is about from reading the review above, besides people have relationships like it’s the National Dogging Meet in the world’s largest car park.


      • Blow Pop says:

        To me? No it doesn’t matter at all. To my friends who need the content warnings? I have no clue. As I stated in my last reply, it’s not my business to ask. I know at least one of them it’s tied into religious reasons and that’s because it was volunteered.

        Basically, All Inclusive is a great book. That’s what you really need to know. It explores non conventional relationships in a great way. (Also the reason why you ask and that entire bit after makes no sense to me after reading it a few times before responding)


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