First Moon
First Moon by Michelle Fox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Content warnings: violence, sex, death, abuse, murder, taking away someone’s ability to make their own decisions, mentions of taking away someone’s inability to say no to sex

So I’ve been chewing on this mentally to figure out exactly what to say. First off, great that Audrey is bigger. Second, asshole brother(Nick) is an asshole and she shouldn’t feel bad for contributing to his death.

I’m kind of on the fence with the whole werewolf thing to be honest. Well with the whole paranormal romance genre. Especially since some of the concepts (or all depending on viewpoint I guess) tend to depict hyper masculinity and racism and xenophobia etc. This one definitely falls on the hyper masculinity end of the scale and some of the way things are described make me super uncomfortable.

Let’s be real here. The entire concept of Nick and people in real life who have his kind of way of thinking makes me super uncomfortable. Especially with the insistence of using “alpha” wolf to describe someone.

Things I do like include Audrey’s insistence on rehabilitating as many animals as she can and insisting on remaining a vegan once she shifts. She’s exactly the kind of vegan I like. Cares about the environment but doesn’t try to force others that they HAVE to convert to her way of thinking to be like that. Well outside of Tao. But I can understand the whole mindset behind “if you’re going to reside in my house I’m not going to have meat in here”. She has every right to that. Since it’s her house. I also like Tao respecting her wishes and actually trying the non meat things she makes despite the hesitation to believe it’s good.

I also like that he and his remaining brothers were there for the people that were inadvertently made into werewolves because of Nick. They didn’t HAVE to do that (yeah it’s the right thing to do but they were under no actual obligation to do so). I also enjoyed the description Audrey had about herself when she first shifted. Not sure that I like the idea of body turning to liquid (or feel like it at least) but then again I’m not sure what kind of description I’d like for shifting but….it’s kind of hard to articulate that thought.

All in all this was a mostly enjoyable book.

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