Review: Forbid Me

Posted: 01/12/2015 in book reviews, books
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Forbid Me
Forbid Me by M. Robinson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Content Warnings: partner abuse, physical abuse, ephebophilia, alcohol use, violence, breaking and entering, slight stalking, ignoring consent, cancer mention, death mention

I received a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review from the author.

Sometimes I really wish I could do half star ratings for books. This would definitely be one of them. I decided to be nice and give this 3 stars instead of the 2.5 I wanted to give it.

This book reminded me a lot of why I don’t care much for heterosexual romance books and movies. Most of the genre (this includes Rom Com) usually winds up centring around male finds female that he’s interested in. Male relentlessly pursues female and stalks her despite her telling him no countless times. And usually at least once in very plain terms. Male ignores female, continues pursuit and stalking and wears female down to where she finally agrees on a date. Movie/book ends with it implying happily ever after. It’s a very clichéd trope that’s been overdone so many times that it should be put out to pasture to die in peace. And honestly, the thought of someone doing that to me, scares the living crap out of me. And I firmly believe that books/movies that fall into this trope should actually be listed as horror. But that’s my own opinion even if I’m the only one who holds it. But this book follows this cliché straight down to the B&E he performs on her house and making a copy of her key without her consent.

One of the things that REALLY bothered me a lot about this book is that their relationship started when she was still under age and he’s not. Another thing was his constant treating her as a child. She’ll bring up something reasonable and his retort every time (this also includes any unreasonable things) is “well if you stop acting like a child I’ll stop treating you like one”. It’s so disgustingly patronizing.

Then there’s the whole thing with her older brother outright stating in front of her that her being 23 isn’t old enough to date or have sex. That’s another trope that needs to die. The father/brother/step father/step brother insisting that the female isn’t old enough to have her own agency and make her own decisions about what she can or can’t do with her own body. It’s infantilizing.

Another big thing that REALLY bothered me was the constant theme and remarks of “you’re my best friend’s baby sister/I was there when you were born/I helped you learn to ride a bike/it’s wrong for us to date/it’s wrong for us to have sex/your brother is going to kill me when he finds out”. This also ties into the above pet peeve that I mentioned in the previous paragraph.


So, inevitably, the brother finds out about the relationship (via walking in on her giving him a BJ literally it’s like the first chapter and repeated again in later chapter) gets pissed, beats the shit out of his best friend for “taking advantage of his sister”, goes surfing, beats the shit out of friend even more and winds up with the relationship strained between them. And of course threatening that if he breaks her heart he’ll have to deal with him. Then he goes to see her dad to tell him. Dad gets seriously upset that relationship started when she was in her teens when he was already an adult but grants his blessing on them to date (seriously, why do we need permissions from dad/brother for them to date? what era are we living in here? last I checked this was fairly modern times).

Ok now that all the negative things are out of the way, things I liked.

I liked how the cancer was handled. And her showing actual signs of grief instead of it happened, they’re dead, I’m over it in the span of less than 2 pages.

I also liked that she made her own career out of doing a thing she liked doing. I love books in which people, especially women, find a thing they like and are good at and wind up doing that thing as a job/career. Because we always see men getting that. But not always women.

Even though I said a lot of negative things I did actually kind of enjoy the book as a whole. If you like romance-y type books, I’d recommend this to you. If you don’t then I’d say stay away from this book because it’s not going to be your cup of tea.

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