Review: How We Began

Posted: 09/12/2015 in book reviews

How We Began
How We Began by Edie Danford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Content warnings will be put on each story since they vary.

I received a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review

All proceeds of this book go to The Trevor Project.

TruNorth by Alexis Hall – Content Warnings: mentions of stalking, trans character and relationship

So, I liked the whole trans character stands up for herself and gets called her name and pronouns. I also liked that the two main characters stood up for themselves and instead of continuing with their lucrative career they decided to do things that they liked doing. The story wasn’t necessarily the greatest but it was still enjoyable.
Unexpected Dragons by Delphine Dryden – Content Warnings: gay relationships, lesbian relationships

The overall message of this seemed to be do what you like/want to do instead of what society wants/expects you to do. This story, while enjoyable kind of felt not finished or polished. And while that is a good overall message it kind of felt off in this story. Particularly in ways that I can’t really explain.
A Song for Sweater-boy by Vanessa North – Content Warnings: gay relationship, bisexual character, mentions of cancer, mentions of sex

OH. MY. GOSH. This was FANTASTIC! As an autistic person myself, seeing an autistic character that isn’t treated as a joke or just portrayed as tropes of “how autistic people are” was FANTASTIC. Straight down to the portrayal of stimming and explaining what it is. And then all his fears put aside by the love and belief of his partner. Like I seriously almost started crying during my reading of this. Like crying happy tears crying. All over, the BEST story in this collection. And I was utterly devastated when it ended. I want more about these two.
The Taste of Coffee and Cream by Amy Jo Cousins – Content warnings: mentions of abuse, transgender character

Ugh. This story. Happy ending yes. But the getting to that happy ending. Long uphill struggle. I LOVE that she was accepted as being her by the boy she winds up dating and his mom. I’m very not happy with how her family treated her though. I understand being short on funds financially and not being able to get all the things for basic needs taken care of. But they were the type of people I wish we could somehow eradicate from this world (without y’know genocide or anything like that just make them somehow more accepting and less asshole).
First in Line by Annabeth Albert – Content Warnings: gay relationships, conversion therapy mentions, religion

This was a pretty good story. The budding romance was cute and I’d definitely like to read more of it. As others have said it really felt like the start of a story. So while I liked it it there’s not really a lot I can say about it.
Extinction Level Events by Geonn Cannon – Content warnings: lesbian relationships

This was a cute lesbian going away to college story. It’s mostly about being true to yourself which actually, most of the stories can be said to be about that. It wasn’t particularly remarkable or memorable to be honest.

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