Review: Angelborn

Posted: 29/12/2015 in book reviews, books
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Angelborn by L. Penelope

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Content warnings: mentions of violence, mentions of suicide, sex, mentions of death, ability to see the dead, mentions of neglect, mentions of emotional abuse

I adored this book. Yeah I’ve enjoyed everything so far that I’ve read from this author but that’s because her world building is great. Like with this book. I personally, don’t believe in anything supernatural-y or the concept of angels/demons/heaven/hell/etc but with how real her world building is, while I was reading it I could lose myself and pretend it was real.

It wasn’t overly fantastical in that whole “there’s no way this could ever happen because this doesn’t exist”. Like I was kind of sceptical going into this book. I KNEW I would enjoy it yes. But I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. It had enough based in reality that I sat there and went y’know this COULD potentially happen. And I really enjoy books like that. Even if they’re fantasy books. They nicely blur the line between fantasy and reality. Don’t get me wrong, I also like books that take place in a completely fantastical fantasy world that’s completely improbable. But for a book like this, having it grounded enough in reality that it seems probable was definitely the best choice for this book.

I really like the idea of angels not being what we think they are. And having their own social hierarchy and stuff. I don’t like that full angels treat angelborn’s as second class citizens but that is my own personal thing. I understand why the author wrote it the way she did. I’d definitely like a more in depth look at the angel society from different viewpoints and the different jobs they can have. And how long the cycles are in human time. Also I like the differing human born and angel born. And how one has a soul but the other doesn’t. And that the determining factor in that is if the mother is a human or angel.

I adored this book. I adore this author. And I adored the storyline with this book and look forward to reading more in this universe.

Maia was a truly fascinating character. Especially parts of her reveal about who/what she is. And I’m very familiar with her own conflict of trying to be a good friend despite any and all attraction to their potential significant other.

Caleb was just. He was everything I could hope for in a character from a different time period being pushed into a newer time period. And the explanation that his kind learn fast which is a reasonable way for him to learn and quickly adjust to any time period/century.

And then the reveal for him, Maia, and Genna. And how it was shown that they all found out. And the unknown angel’s appearance and WHAT exactly he was was brilliant.

And also, Caleb’s escape from what is basically angel purgatory was pretty great too.

I highly recommend this book.

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