Review: Alien General’s Chosen

Posted: 07/01/2016 in book reviews, books
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Alien General's Chosen
Alien General’s Chosen by Vi Voxley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Content warnings: sex, violence, blood, death, attempted molestation

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Holy hell. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. Especially as it being the fourth book in the series. I absolutely loved that the author made this as much of a standalone as possible while keeping it part of the series. Things that are referenced are explained enough that if you’ve read the other books it’s not annoying as hell and making you feel like you’re basically re-reading the prior book(s), but at the same time it’s explained enough that you’re not going “….wait….what the hell am I reading and what the hell is going on?”. I enjoy books that do that. Especially as sometimes it’s a while in between books that I forget what happened so it serves as a minor reminder that things happened.

Usually I like to wait a day or two before writing a review but given that I’ve been sick the past few days and knowing how my brain is a jerk and doesn’t like remembering things, I decided to write this after finishing it. Which is all for the better really.

A thing I DEFINITELY enjoyed a lot in this book is how consent is viewed EVEN for fated mates. Whether you are fated to be together or not, if a party says no it means no. End of discussion. Full stop. And not only was it told a few times it was actually shown. It was shown it’s not just lip service. That any actual honourable person in society (well alien but still) respects a no. And the only people who don’t are shown 100% to be the bad people and in the case of this particular one, are dealt with accordingly.

I both liked and disliked the whole overprotectiveness thing and the convinced you’re broken and not worthy until the *one person* shows up. As well as the whole thing going on with her about being a damsel in distress needing to be protected by the big strong men. I have a general distrust and dislike for a party being overprotective of another unless it’s in the case of parent (or person in charge) protecting small child from serious harm (ie: panicking and pulling child away from open flames/sharp objects/out from middle of road/away from ledge or some sort of edge they can fall off and hurt or potentially die from/etc). That is normal and natural to me. But to be overprotective of another adult….Even when it’s not, it feels infantilizing to me. And it’s definitely a thing I don’t like (and is a completely different story if it’s two consenting adults agreeing to have that type of relationship).

And speaking as a person who often refers to themselves as broken (for reasons other than what’s listed in MOST books) I really hate seeing it in books. Especially when it’s “I’m so broken…but wait this person seems convinced I’m not or makes me feel I’m not…I’m magically cured and not broken anymore!” And a big part of that is this culture we’ve created in which even medical professionals will tell people that to cure whatever they have (depression, anxiety, PTSD, et al) that all they have to do is find a partner and everything will be sunshine and flowers regardless of the why a person is/feels that way. And as general advice, it’s horseshit. Yes, it works for SOME people but it’s so rare it shouldn’t ever be given out. As such (and going through that myself IRL with having relationship related PTSD), I wish that trope would just die. Forever. In media and in our culture.

And damsel in distress trope is just….it’s honestly so overdone that it’s tiring to read at this point. Though I do have to admit that it was handled well in this book and given an actual valid reason to happen. Didn’t make me happy to read it and see it but it at least abated my initial attack at all costs reaction.

Another thing I didn’t particularly enjoy (but isn’t specific just to this book) is the “OMG! He’s so BIG! How WILL he fit?” thing. Especially being re-iterated over and over. But that’s a personal pet peeve and not an issue with specific authors who choose to use it.

Overall this was a very engrossing and fast read (that would have been faster had I not had the flu) and I’d definitely recommend it.

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