Review: Edge of Darkness

Posted: 30/01/2016 in book reviews, books
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Edge of Darkness
Edge of Darkness by Vikki Romano

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Content warnings: mentions of suicide, death (both mentions and showing), violence, forced augmentation, physical abuse (both mentions and showing), victim blaming (done by victim on themselves), kidnapping, misogynistic ideology (more mention than shown), mentions of sex

I received a free copy for a fair and honest review.

This book was hard for me. Very hard for a few reasons. One of them being the abuse part. Actually the biggest one is the abuse part. Been there. Done that. PTSD as a consolation prize. And this book just emotionally wrecked me because of that and the rest of the stuff in the book.

This book reminds me a lot of Deus Ex: Icarus Effect/Human Revolution (as one of my best friends pointed out when I was telling him about it…and by reminds me I mean reminds me of listening to him talk about playing it because it’s not my kind of game overall). And that’s not a bad thing. Heck, if it influenced the book at all, I think that’s fucking awesome. But I’m also a huge geek/nerd and love references to other things in books.

The author does very well with writing. Especially with writing the male lead and how he views women (though, to be honest, as a generality it’s not that hard to do…..unless you want to be convincing then it is) that he has no emotional connection to. And despite my dislike for those parts, I found myself really emphasising with him.

I also enjoy the dystopian United States setting. And Jimmy. I LOVE Jimmy and want to see more of him. I also adore how Sierra first describes Gage. I now think of him as bulldog. And seriously (this is nothing to do with the author’s writing moreso to do with my fucked up brain, but every time I read a character described as bulldog looking my brain instantly pictures them as human with a bulldog’s head. Even though I KNOW that’s not what the author generally means it still happens and I still laugh a lot). And I loved Jimmy’s quip about knowing what he was going into and not expecting to bake cookies as a member of the military. I burst out laughing and shared with my best friend. And he started laughing too.

This is definitely a book that I will be purchasing in the future. And will be eagerly anticipating the next book in the trilogy. This book is definitely not for the techphobic types out there (particularly those who use technology because they have to not because they want to) or the people who don’t deal well with reading about abusive relationships. Or really if anything I’ve listed in the content warnings is something you can’t deal with. It’s a good book but not worth negative effects physically, emotionally, or mentally. That said, I don’t regret reading this (even though with what I said in my last sentence applies to me and the fact that negativeness did happen and I’m dealing with it but it’s something I know is bound to happen as a reviewer).

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    • Vikki Romano says:

      I’m both ecstatic and heartbroken about how you felt about EoD. It was a hard book to write, both emotionally and mentally, but as a writer, I know that good books push boundaries, and great books go beyond that, If I don’t feel it, you won’t. This wasn’t a safe book. I knew it would be taxing on me and my readers. Kind of feel like I should thank you, then apologize. It’s an occupational hazard.

      That being said, I was thrilled about the rest of your review. I am a huge geek, and tech has always been a part of my life. I am also a gamer and have been for decades. Halo is my go to in the sci-fi genre and I’ve never played Deus Ex, I’m thinking a trip to the store is in order :)

      Jimmy. LOL. I LOVE JIMMY too. He just happened, wasn’t supposed to be there and when he arrived, was larger than life. Unfortunately, you won’t see him much in book two. Book three however….

      Gage will be a major player in book two. With Calder in space, he’ll be top dog back on earth. (See what I did there) You will get to know him well and see what makes him tick. Jimmy too. You’ll get a lot on him in book three.

      Not sure if you do author interviews on your blog, but would be happy to do so to talk shop and discuss the next books in the series. I feel it would be my duty, at the very least, after leaving you in the state I did.

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      • Blow Pop says:

        I do interviews yes. And it’s ok. Really. I enjoy when books make me feel stuff. Even if it triggers my ptsd. A lot of books lately that I have read haven’t made me feel things other than contempt or just “meh”. So it was a nice change. And yes, definitely get/play deus ex: human revolution. Icarus effect is the novel that is before the game and sets everything up. I think you might really enjoy it. And it’s available on all platforms if I recall correctly.


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