Review: Big Little Lies

Posted: 16/02/2016 in book reviews
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Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

My rating: 2 of 5 starss


Content warnings: domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault bordering on rape, adultery, women hating other women for no real reasons, bullying (both kids on kids and parents on parents as well as parents to kids), victim blaming (on the parts of the victims blaming themselves), mentions of PTSD, mentions of other mental illnesses to justify behaviour, death

I swear I tried to like this. Giving it a 2 star is me being generous. Only because of who died. Had they not died I would have put this into negative stars. I swear this book contributed to my indigestion. I honestly don’t get the people who write that this is a humorous look at domestic violence. It’s not. Domestic violence is NOT funny in any sense of the word.

And oh my gosh. The “I think I may have anxiety and that might be what’s causing me to hurt you” bullshit line. As a person with an anxiety disorder (generalized and social), I call bullshit. Anxiety doesn’t cause me to hit someone I love/live with. It does it’s own bad things (like making me feel there’s a huge weight on my chest to the point where I physically can’t get up or move) but none that would mean me hurting someone else just because they did something I didn’t like.

The PTSD wasn’t really fully gone into. HOWEVER, I could definitely see that happen especially when it’s a domestic violence survivor (even if it was only witnessed). I would have loved a telling of the guy’s story of domestic violence (especially since it’s so under reported and told). It’s great in itself that he was there to tell his story but….I still feel like it was meant as a joke since everyone else apparently found the thought of domestic violence hilarious.

It’s disheartening to see a bunch of high star ratings because “domestic violence is funny”.

OH! And the bit about the coffee shop owner dude being gay. Just because he doesn’t date. Can we just stop with that? I want to bash my head into a wall every time I read “x doesn’t date/I haven’t seen x date. They must be (gay)(lesbian)” speculation. Because that’s NOT how it works.

And the woman on woman hate and general cattiness towards each other. I’m not sure on where to start on this one. First you have to social stature of “my job is better and more valid than your job” then, you have them gossiping about each other and harassing each other because of it. THIS IS AN OVERPLAYED TROPE THAT NEEDS TO DIE IN A FIRE! I can’t tell you how many eye rolls I did every time it happened.

And the whole “well even though x cheated on me, unlike y I’m not going to leave x and I’m going to make MY marriage work because we’re obviously a better couple” bullshit. This falls into them being catty to each other.

It had a good idea for starting. To have a murder/mystery told in little pieces at a time. But by the time we came TO it happening and WHY, I just didn’t care any more. I just wanted to be over and done with this book.

I don’t advise buying this book. At all. Ever. But if you must…I can’t stop you.

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