Review: Shane: A Mafia Love Story

Posted: 09/03/2016 in book reviews, books
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Shane: A Mafia Love Story
Shane: A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Saxton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: rape, childhood sexual assault, childhood rape, violence, death, murder, kidnapping, assault, drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, girl on girl hate, slut shaming, heterosexual relationships

I received a free copy of this on Audible from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

So, I generally make it not a habit to read what most books are about before I read/listen to them when they’ve been generously gifted by an author for a review. Apparently, I need to re-think that next time. Especially given this book and how it affected me.d

Were I able to, I would have given this a 3.5 star rating. It wasn’t a full 4 star book for me but wasn’t bad enough to be just a 3 star. Even with the fact that the book triggered the hell out of me. Which, was kind of my fault for not reading what it was about prior to starting it. Well reading more than just glancing over it vaguely to see if it was of any interest to me.

Besides the bad-ish kinds of stuff, this was a pretty enjoyable book to listen to. The narration was pretty good and the story itself was pretty good as well. And that ending. Oh. My. Gosh. It was *almost* everything I could have hoped for. The only thing that would have made it everything would be if she had beat the crap out of him first.

And then her mentioning the imagining of them being old and still being kinky. Be still my heart.

There were a lot of “fuck you asshole” thoughts and sayings from me (which, while amusing to bystanders, wasn’t the greatest thing to say while out shopping) with a lot of the things that both Shane and her stepbrother say to her/about her.

And I know I’ve said this before in reviews and have ranted until figuratively blue in the face about this but I’m going to again because IT. KEEPS. HAPPENING. *steps up onto soapbox* JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE WITH A VAGINA IS ‘WET’/HAS AN ORGASM DOESN’T MEAN THAT THEY WANT TO HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH YOU. JUST LIKE SOMEONE WITH A PENIS HAVING AN ERECTION AND/OR EJACULATING DOES NOT MEAN THEY WANT TO HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH YOU. *steps off soapbox and puts away* But seriously. Bodily reactions do NOT equal consent or desire for sexual relations or any relations with another person. This includes people who are in relationships with each other. It’s a serious pet peeve with me and, quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing it. It’s inaccurate. It’s tired. It’s overdone. Let’s get somewhat original and figure out something else. It’s 2016. We should be able to come up with other things. Whether, like this book, it’s a dark romance or if it’s historical romance. I challenge authors to do better.

Despite my misgivings and stuff, this was a pretty good book looking back at it.

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