Review: Fairy Eyeglasses

Posted: 16/03/2016 in book reviews, books
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Fairy Eyeglasses
Fairy Eyeglasses by Emily Martha Sorensen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: bullying, teasing

I received a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This was a very cute and very short story. There were quite a few things that I adored about this story.

The first thing I adored was the support of her parents. And it wasn’t the “yeah yeah we’re only humouring you” type of support. It was the taking their child seriously and encouraging her to keep talking to them about the fairies. And being safe and such.

The next thing I adored was that the girl who was popular and then became unpopular thanks to things out of her control that I won’t spoil didn’t turn into the mean girl trope that tends to happen in stories where that happened.

The third thing I adored was her believing the main character and the main character’s compassion for her. Some people might call her young and naive for that but I do believe it’s something that more books should have instead of falling into the trap of the girl on girl hate. We need girls in literature to lift each other up instead of stomping each other down.

There’s more that I adored but to talk about it would be to spoil it and I’m desperately trying not to do that.

All in all this was a great book and I’m glad that I got to read a copy of it. It’s definitely a book that I’m going to recommend to all my friends with young kids.

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