Review: Taming Beastie

Posted: 15/05/2016 in book reviews, books
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Taming Beastie
Taming Beastie by Sedona Venez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Content warnings: sex, violence, death, stalking, attempted murder, heterosexual relationships

I received a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.

So, this was the first book I’ve read from this author and it was really enjoyable. And the parts I really enjoyed I can’t talk about because they’re spoilers so ARGH!

What I can talk about however, is that initially, I was a little put off by the author’s use of exotic to describe the looks of the main female character. For many various reasons, I’m very against that. But, I looked up the author and saw that they were a person of colour and particularly a person of the same race as the character in the book described that way and I got a lot less bristly and ok with it.

One of the things I DID like was that despite the whole “you belong with me” schtick that typically guys have in most romance stories, especially shifter stories, is that once she said she wasn’t interested, he backed off from that and respected her in that way. I mean, he still kind of had that schtick going on but it wasn’t in the creepy asshole way which was nice to see.

Overall, I enjoyed this book despite not reading any of the other books in this series.

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